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A good EDM bubble burst article

As you know EDM is a huge movement in mainstream America making stars out of its “heroes” and being a lucrative market for those seeking monetary returns in their investment to the genre such as SFX who were on a buying frenzy all of last year. In fact I’ve seen a slight correlation in EDM with another movement that has had a backlash in the 70s……Disco (seriously look it up) But ask yourself this……….is the bubble about to burst and have we gone too far?

We found one such article that pique our interest that covers the eat itself mentality of the DJ culture.

I would like to leave you with some parting words a female DJ said to me….there is always good and bad within every genre of music. Now if that were the case, why do we have more bad in Electronic Dance Music.

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Seasick Mama-With A Broken Heart

The beautiful Seasick Mama is back with a brand new single “With A Broken Heart” which premiered on Clash Magazine and again its a swansong of pop goodness. In fact there is more of an electro pop element taking cues from labels like Future Classic and contemporaries you’d find on Radio Mirror park.

This is also a free download so head here and download…its for a limited time!

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Kove – Way We Are EP

Coming fresh from the studio, James Rockhill, better known as Kove, is now ready to release his sophomore EP, ‘Way We Are’, alongside Bradford-born vocalist, Melissa Steel. Through his finesse, yet intense production, Kove captivates listeners and brings them on a ride of smooth R&B beats, and rough DnB melodies. Scoring in at a total of four tracks, he cannons over two hard-hitting originals, paired with two edits of the title track. An awesome release overall, and I highly recommend checking it out. 5/5 FRAMES!

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