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Cordelia & The Buffalo: The Interview

Cordelia & The Buffalo 1

Cordelia Vizcaino is Cordelia and The Buffalo, an alternative, indie electronica act from all walks of life coming together with different backgrounds as a unified musical front.

To best describe their music, imagine having music that you would play during a vision quest or if you’re in a soaring landscape where the Buffalo roam (no pun intended) its simply breathtaking arrangements from Cordelia and The Buffalo, which should be commended.

For months we have posted everything from the band such as single releases, videos and press features which every nugget we got we loved more and more. Truly there is something to behold when it comes listening and experiencing such a beautiful vocal from Cordelia and the band’s efforts to heighten it.

In our exclusive interview, we talk to the bandleader herself as we also wax philosophically on painting.
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Vigiland – Shots & Squats (Remixes)

Released today, make sure you get out there and grab yourself a copy of this high energy remix bundle we have stumbled upon. Being dropped on Universal Music once again is Vigiland‘s “Shots & Squats” – and this time around it’s three new remixes of this lairy, chant along cut of high octane Melbourne Bounce.

So who is on remix duties? Stepping up to bat first with some punchy progressive house is Spinnin’ Records Alpharock, throwing in guitar-like synth rhythms and clap along riffs. Next is Dutch production outfit The Voyagers, who warp the bassline and give “Shots & Squats” a more electro sound. Rounding it up is Enferno who sets the pace to trap and cuts up the lead riff menacingly.

A varied and exciting remix package – you can grab it here. 

Sep 5th, 2015 Sep 5th, 2015

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FLETCHER – War Paint (Young Bombs Remix)


Asbury Park, New Jersey pop newcomer FLETCHER set the internet ablaze with her anthemic single “War Paint,” featuring FLETCHER’s fierce vocals and a fiery spirit boldly booming over battle cries and defiant drums.

A chant-along song for all those willing to fight passionately for what they believe in, “War Paint” quickly rose up the Hype Machine and Spotify Viral Charts and today she shares Young Bombs’ dance floor ready remix of the song.

Stay tuned for more as FLETCHER preps her Finding Fletcher EP due out later this fall.

Sep 5th, 2015 Sep 5th, 2015 Sep 5th, 2015 Sep 5th, 2015

by Alana Schulz
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HELENA – Koda (Free Download)

With her last single “Boss” made with Vassy released a while back, house artist HELENA now returns to the scene armed with her newest production. This one is titled “Koda”, and is a total floor-shaker. HELENA has had a highly productive summer in terms of her DJ gigs, packing in plenty of major festivals and shows across the globe – most notably stepping onto the main stage at Ultra Festival.

“Koda” comes to us as a free download, and really emphasises the skills that HELENA now has as a producer. Arms in the air progressive house that is full of melodic sharpness, this tune is going to grab plenty of attention this month.

You can get your hands on a copy of it here. 

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