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by Mike Dubs
Comments Off on BSN Posse – Not Far From The Future EP // Out Now on Hyperboloid Records

BSN Posse – Not Far From The Future EP // Out Now on Hyperboloid Records

Thee crew from Spain, BSN Posse is so very important to dance music. Not only are they flexing Juke/Footwork music all across Europe they have recently just dropped one of the biggest EP’s of 2016. “Not Far From The Future” premiered on the super influential XLR8R and after you hear the album you’ll understand why. Their new album is straight FIRE! This duo is elevating the sounds in the dance music scene. Going a bit outside of their traditional Juke style the boys have taken on WitchHouse, Grime, and a forward thinking style of Bass Music!


It is no surprise that innovative Russian record label Hyperboloid Records have signed them on and released this album. Bringing the next level sounds BSN Posse once again have proved themselves to to the dance music community, and they are not going anywhere but FORWARD! Can’t wait to hear more from BSN Posse like this. Real heads understand. Take note kids. Let’s keep progressing and don’t stay stagnant.

BSN Posse (Artenou 2015)

Jul 29th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on International Baby – Monkey Flute

International Baby – Monkey Flute

Steadily building up a steady reputation for themselves in Germany, new producers on the block International Baby release the hugely distinctive “Monkey Flute” this week – and it is set to turn heads.

This unmistakably catchy single fuses dynamic, super speedy flute riffs with an undercurrent of vocals that continue to develop throughout. from the start. The track soon glides into a deep house sound, keeping a rhythmically strong beat as its use of flute still plays an integral part in the tune’s final sound.

“Monkey Flute” is one we are likely to hear more of as summer stretches on –  and clearly this is just the start of an interesting career from International Baby.

Jul 29th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Gianni Marino & Mahesa Utara – No Time For Fake ft. Yacko

Gianni Marino & Mahesa Utara – No Time For Fake ft. Yacko

Undoubtedly showing a serious amount of production prowess with their latest single, which has been made as a collaboration, is Gianni Marino and Mahesa Utara. The Dutchman has brought his distinctive style together with the exotic stylings of Utara, and “No Time For Fake” is given further fire thanks to MC Yacko on vocal duties.

The pair has, individually, had a busy and prolific few months, and this release through Aussie label Be Rich is set to continue raising their profiles. “No Time For Fake” uses Yacko’s blistering bars atop a rhythmically bouncing bass line, plenty of stuttering riffs and weighty drops and slams for a seriously powerful result.

Grab this single here. 

Jul 25th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Tascione – Smoke & Mirrors

Tascione – Smoke & Mirrors

Never one to stay between the lines, producer Tascione has pushed boundries on his latest EP “Smoke and Mirrors”.

Released through UZ’s Quality Goods Records this month, the three-track EP is an awesome display of versatility from Tascione, who is clearly at ease at switching between styles and themes.

Up first comes the EP’s title track ft. Ian Everson; those smooth vocals providing a slick opening before the built up tension descends into a bass-ridden, weighty breakdown.

Tascione joins forces with Kompany for “Paranoia”, this one an atmospheric, murky number – before “Lights Out” drops, prepare for snappy riffs, snatches of pitched vocals and swooping, screeching drops. Finally we have “Enigma”, another thunderous dubstep/trap hybrid with an intense, reverbing bassline.

He says of “Smoke & Mirrors”, “When I started writing this EP, I knew I wanted something different. Smoke & Mirrors is a rollercoaster ride through different genres, breaking down the barriers that define them. I hope that this EP invokes emotions that people never thought they would experience from listening to “trap music.”

Grab a copy here. 

Jul 25th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Feelgood Friday – Playlist #1

Feelgood Friday – Playlist #1

We’ve put together an awesome little list of tunes you should get your ears around this weekend – take a listen and turn them up!

1)Lavoy – “Smile”

2) The Green Children – “Dreamers”

3) Fever Charm – “Never Had Before” 

4) Pacific Heights – “So High” ft. Shaan Singh 

5) Freakbreak ft. Tiara – “The Most Important” (Fallow Edit) 

6) SAINT BEST – “In The Morning” 

7) CHALK – “Together” 

8) Avec Sans – “Heartbreak Hi” 

Jul 23rd, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Gigo’N’Migo & Jonas Stero – My Heart

Gigo’N’Migo & Jonas Stero – My Heart

Something strongly uplifting and perfect for summer dancefloors has just landed through Holland based label TurnItUp Muzik, and it comes as a collaboration.

Gigo’N’Migo, the popular two-piece from Germany have got together in the studio with house/bass artist Jonas Stero and created “My Heart”, melodic house at its finest. With swooping, majestic drops and those sweeping vocals, it fuses synth-led lead-lines with a rattling bass line – a fusion of sounds and styles.

Grab yourself a copy here. 

Jul 20th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on TRESOR – Never Let Me Go (Spada Remix)

TRESOR – Never Let Me Go (Spada Remix)

Up for release right now through Ultra Music comes the wicked new remix of TRESOR‘s “Never Let Me Go.” The track has been taken on by rising producer and songwriter Spada from Czech Republic, who really puts his own stamp on an already awesome tune.

With an album lined up for release with Ultra next year, TRESOR himself is at an exciting time in his career. He says of the single – I am extremely excited to finally share ‘Never Let Me Go’ with the world. It was written to be a soundtrack to lifetime great memories and to spark an instant explosion of joy for whoever listens to it. The Spada remix gave the track new life and I hope it brings more life and color to this summer.” 

Spada brings this one to attention by a subtle sense of groove and a pleasing deep house beat, ensuring there is a bit of South Africa brought into the mix with congo drums and infectious guitar riffs.

Grab a copy here. 

Jul 19th, 2016