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Minimal Signals II V.A.


“Digging the industrial, coldwave, synth darkness from Minimal Signals II. especially love the Bryan Black contribution” -NF (Rating: 5/5)


Bryan Black:

Cold Colors:


Zoè Zanias:

Future Holograms:


by Alana Schulz
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Kaleem Taylor – By My Side

Just out as a joint release on Epic Amsterdam and Sony Music is “By My Side”, a truly indulgent listen from London hailing artist Kaleem Taylor. 

Having had his vocals feature on the work of Tchami back in 2013, Taylor has since turned to his own productions, and this new single is a gorgeous blend of vocals and dance production. The mood here is soulful and richly melodic, with the songwriter explaining that this sound is broader than his previous work.

You can get your ears around it here. 


Dec 5th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
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Bakermat – Living (Remixes)

Setting up shop over on Ultra Music this week is a trio of fresh remixes, and they all come based around Bakermat and Alex Clare‘s wildly popular recent collaboration. “Living” is taken in new directions by three talented producers, and this release will undoubtedly continue to push the overall success of the original.

Sonic Matta, HUGEL and Calvo are all on hand to bring contributions to the single, with Sonic Matta adding plenty of bassline and rhythmical oopmh, HUGEL putting in a pacy house edit and Calvo keeping its use of guitar to help it grow in intensity.

You can find all three here.


Dec 5th, 2016

by Mike Dubs



Just out today! Ukraine’s own Koloah is back with a brand new EP called “Back On Track” out on Hyperboloid Records and holy shit this dude is coming out with the HEAT! Pure analog 808 and synth greatness! Techno, Breaks and BASS is totally embedded into this album. This is the future of music and done so well with a touch of nostalgia. Koloah knows how to get your attention all while flexing some of the best new music we have heard all year!

Most recently he was on Boiler Room performing with all his analog gear for the masses in Moscow! This is one producer you def want to keep your eyes on. Boiler Room always knows whats UP!

You’ll notice in this performance he’s busts some of his new tunes! HELL YA! Totally loving the vibe this producer gets into. The remixes provided by Raumskaya and Cadeu are solid as fuck too! Def check those out!

Download the Koloah – Back On Track EP and support!

Also be sure to hit up Koloah on his Soundcloud in the link below!

Dec 3rd, 2016

by Alana Schulz
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Salt Ashes – Save It (Remixes)

Making its way out of Radikal Records this week is a seriously good remix EP, and it has been brought to attention thanks to “Save It” from Salt Ashes. The track first appeared as part of the singer’s debut album of the same name, and now a host of names have lined up to put unique spins on it.

Four remakes are featured as this release, with Control-S stepping up first with a deeply melodic house/garage fusion that is full of groove and infectious energy. Nathan C and Danny Dove provide another pulsing cut, this one with more bassline emphasis, and Jerome Price switches things up again with a drum-laden, slowly building sound. Last but not least, Manuel Riva rounds the set off with a punchy, rhythmical rework.

Get the full set here. 

Nov 29th, 2016
Matt Darey

by Alana Schulz
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Studio Secrets: Matt Darey

The awesomely talented house producer Matt Darey is the first artist to feature in our brand new series “Studio Secrets”, where he fills us in on the little rituals or habits he has when hard at work in the studio.

>> Work after dark


>> Lights down low to get in the mood


>> Phone off


>> Listen to some inspiring music


>> Lose yourself in the music your making 


Nov 28th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
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Interview: OIJ On Going “Back To The Start”

What do you enjoy most about being a producer? What would you say the downsides are?

I love being able to create something by myself. To bring my imagination to life in a way that I can share it with others. The downside could be that it is a quite competitive profession, where if a few key people are not blown away by your music, it can really tamper with your progress. Luckily everything’s going quite smoothly!

Your single “Blinded” has seen incredible success, hitting the global Spotify charts. Did it take you long to write?

“Blinded” did not take too long to write. The basics of the song were laid out in one session with a friend of mine (Sebastiaan Dutilh). I think in the end it took like 2-3 days total to get it all down and ready for mixing.

Can you talk us through your production set up?

First of all I’m a big Ableton fan. It really helps me freak around with samples and sounds in a way that is creatively inspiring. I use it for live as well as in the studio. I’ve moved inside the box over the past year and a half so my analogue gear is a bit lacking. I still have a Moog Sub Phatty for some analogue bass love, but am mostly using a midi keyboard and heaps of plugins. I always love to try out new plugins and discover new sounds, plus I really like being portable. For vocals I have a pretty solid chain, which I think is essential to keeping that crispy vocal sound that is very hard to emulate with software.

Do you have a dream collaborator that you would love to work with?

I love to work with so many different people, but if I had to pick a few from the top of my mind I’d go for Flume, Kanye West, Major Lazer or FKA Twigs.

Whose music are you rating right now?

I’m listening to a lot of different artists right now, which you can see in my Inspirational Vibes playlist on Spotify.

Would you ever consider writing an album?

I would consider writing an album, however at the current stage of growth I’m in I believe it makes more sense to release EPs and singles. People have a lot shorter attention span nowadays, and singles and EPs suit this more.

What have been your 2016 highlights?

Having my single “Believe” played in the Olympic Stadium for the European Athletics Championship was quite nice as well as it being the anthem for the 2016 European Athletics Championship! Finishing my 2nd EP and releasing its first single “Back To The Start” feat. Gia Koka has also been a highlight of 2016. I really look forward to what 2017 brings, with the upcoming release of more singles and my second EP.

Nov 28th, 2016