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by Alana Schulz
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Interview: Oski On Becoming A Bass Sensation

If you haven’t heard the sounds of Oski before, you absolutely need to. Currently nailing releases on UZ’s Quality Goods Records, this producer brings bass music to a new level. Check out our exclusive interview with him below.
You’ve just made an awesome new EP for Quality Goods. Was there any particular inspiration behind this one?

Absolutely, there has been so much good music making its way through Australia and New Zealand lately. I also spent a month and a half in the US touring. Along the way I met quite a few new friends, with many different styles and who write many different genres of music. A huge inspiration of mine is Flume. (Typical Australian!)

Which tune out of the four took the longest to complete?

“Tell Her” took just over a year to write, and went through so many versions before I finally settled on the final version!

You worked with Ian Munro and UZ on “On Fire”, are they two artists that inspire you?

Yes, they inspire me as musicians and as people. Ian has long been a good friend of mine, he’s a good kid and writes some ridiculous music and UZ is just such a gangsta. He’s got some amazing ideas and has a very professional approach to writing music and creating.

What would you say is your signature production style?

A lot of people like to describe my music as wonky and erratic. I tend to make silly things happen in Ableton. Sometimes it can come out sounding dope, sometimes it can come out sounding terrible but that’s part of the writing process!
How often do you get out and go to live music performances or shows as a fan?

I don’t get out much to be honest. I spend pretty much all of my time either travelling/performing or at home writing music.

What music do you enjoy outside bass/trap?

I have a very broad taste in music. My Spotify playlists are filled with everything from Frank Sinatra to Noisia, Fugees to Justice and everything in between! My family is also all kinds of Hispanic, so I listen to a bunch of Latino music too!

Any tips for young artists wanting to breakthrough?

Don’t worry about anything anybody else is doing; that’s how you get caught up in trends. Write what sounds cool to you and you only.

Grab Oski’s newest sounds here. 

Oct 27th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
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Fly Flamingo – Take Me ft. Bliss

Out right now as a hot free download is “Take Me”, a brilliantly made track from on the rise duo Fly Flamingo. This lands as the pair continue to make a name for themselves, and also happens to feature vocalist Bliss.

“Take Me” is a richly textured bass cut with some slight trap leanings, piling on atmospheric qualities thanks to Bliss’s sublime tones, and that rattling build up of snares and bass drops. With moments of smooth groove and contrasting, tight percussive elements, this one hits the right spot.

You can nab it for free here. 

Oct 24th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Point Point – Family Portrait (Remixes)

Point Point – Family Portrait (Remixes)

Delighting with another remix release this week is Ultra, who have just put out the “Family Portrait” EP. The concept behind this one is offering up a few tracks from Parisian producer Point Point to a handful of artists to rework – and the result is an awesome one.

There are a total of eight contributions on this diverse collection, and it begins with a memorable LigOne remix of “A Piece Of Sun”, ensuring melodic clarity and a smooth, refined energy. The brilliant “All This” faces six new revisions, with the likes of Birdy Nam Nam and Pyramid offering their unique styles – whilst “Au Revoir” is a fitting end, with fellow Frenchman Kidswaste bringing a hip-hop energy to the track.

You can cop the EP here. 

Oct 22nd, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Matt Darey ft. Roberta Harrison – Something To Believe In

Matt Darey ft. Roberta Harrison – Something To Believe In

Raising the bar with a seriously good release this week is established house artist Matt Darey. He returns to the slickly run Somn’thing Records for “Something To Believe In”, a catchy, grooving single that features Roberta Harrison. 

The tune itself is packed with musical elements, bringing together singalong, silky smooth vocals from Harrison alongside a deeply sashaying bass line and eye-catching guitar riffs. Alongside the original, you can also get an alternative version from Somn3um, who increase its progressive energy to great effect.

Get them both here.

Oct 21st, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Oski – Kid Chrome EP

Oski – Kid Chrome EP

Making a real statement as the fourth release to be dropped on Quality Goods Records so far, comes the “Kid Chrome” EP. This collection has been created by none other than bass/trap prodigy Oski, who originally sprung to attention with an array of explosive bootlegs a while back.

Having fully caught the attention of QGR boss and production talent UZ, Oski now brings his latest EP to attention. “Kid Chrome” stands at four tracks in length, each offering signature bass energy and superb technical skill. Our standouts are the blistering “Super Hot” and the more chilled out “Flex” – both seriously strong in their own right.

All four tracks are available to grab here.

Oct 14th, 2016 Oct 11th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Chelsea Cutler – Wake Up (Remixes)

Chelsea Cutler – Wake Up (Remixes)

Just out and available to cop through Ultra Music is the new pair of remixes that have been created around Chelsea Cutler’s “Wake Up.” The exciting singer/songwriter talent has had her single taken on by two separate artists for this stunning release.

Up first is the Sondr offering, a smoothly lilting version that evokes memories of a hazy summer with its softly swaying beat and those awesome vocals. Cuebrick turns this one around with more of a progressive energy and stronger rhythmical emphasis, ensuring that you feel uplifted after the first few moments.

Bag this EP here. 

Oct 10th, 2016