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Jun 29th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
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SMILO – Young Again

 Having made their mark at this year’s Melodifestivalen, Swedish electronic dance music trio SMILO continue to champion their successes with new single “Young Again”.
Getting its release through Universal Sweden, “Young Again” has all the feel-good summer vibes that you’d expect from a house track dropped in during the summer months. The follow-up to the trio’s debut single “Goosebumps”, kicks off with darting piano chords, dynamic bursts of strings and the perfect, snappy house beat.
If nothing else, this record will get you you moving. You can grab a copy here. 

Jun 27th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
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Quality Goods Records – QGRC 001

Out now is “QGRC-001”, the extensive nine-track collection from UZ’s label Quality Goods Records. It marks the first compilation LP in a string of similar releases. On it, you can expect a varied round up of trap and future bass from a selection of up and coming talent.

Look out for “Bout It” from Noahplause and the powerful “Eruption” from Subsurge in particular, with UZ letting on: “Quality Goods Records is a mixture of the classic trap sound with the newly fused formula of bass music and hip-hop…We are incredibly selective when it comes to the artists we choose to work with. We look for artists who are not afraid to work outside of the musical norms and aim to push the creative boundaries of sound design and composition.”

You can grab this compilation here. 

Jun 22nd, 2016

by Alana Schulz
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Jolyon Petch – U Sure Do (Remixes)

Breaking out of Vicious Recordings right now comes “U Sure Do”, a brilliantly lively, bassline pumping house single from Jolyon Petch. This tune doesn’t come alone, backed with an arsenal of six remixes to make a complete EP.

The original is a fresh re-lick on a 90’s anthem, and Petch brings it up to date with sharp riff patterns, lightly springing piano chords and summery glockenspiel chimes – all wrapped around those driving vocals. Amongst the handful of edits, look out for Alex Preston‘s smooth groover and M1’s soul-drenched remake.

The whole collection can be grabbed here. 

Jun 21st, 2016

by Alana Schulz
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Mt. Eden ft. Albi & The Wolves

Offering up something divine this week on Ultra Music is bass two-piece Mt. Eden. They have come a long way musically since their dubstep roots, and are now focusing on more richly melodic cuts.

For “Fall With You”, they have worked alongside New Zealand band Albi & The Wolves, creating an indie/bass hybrid that is full of emotion and serenity. With haunting, strung out vocals and a gently lilting, rattling bassline, this tune is a stunning listen from start to finish.

Pick up a copy here. 

Jun 16th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Vigiland – Pong Dance (Remixes)

Vigiland – Pong Dance (Remixes)

The sounds of Swedish bounce kids Vigiland have been remade again this week, with three new edits now out through Universal Sweden. It is the gregarious “Pong Dance” that has been tackled, and each featured artist gives it a fresh angle.

Little known duo Weekenders provide a dance floor ready house beat with plenty of power, D&B pair GLXY offer something stripped back and snappily produced with theirs, whilst the highly popular Swanky Tunes complete the set of three with their progressive cut.

The whole EP can be purchased here. 

Jun 12th, 2016

by Alana Schulz
Comments Off on Interview: Alfons On His “Jamrock Land”

Interview: Alfons On His “Jamrock Land”

We get chatting to Sweden’s Alfons, known for creating reggae and dance hybrids. Having just dropped “Jamrock Land”, we wanted to hear more from the man himself.

It’s great to have you with us today Alfons. Anything crazy happen to you yet this year?

The craziest this year was probably my trip to Hungary. I had no idea that I was such a big artist there! It feels like no one knows me by my face in Sweden, but in Eastern Europe I am almost a celebrity.

Your latest track “Jamrock Land” is so unique – a Jamaican influence coming through with some modern EDM elements. What made you want to put these together?

That’s probably because I really like reggae, and I like Bob Marley and some of his values. The combination of them gave me inspiration and energy to do this. I always want to create something new, but also to promote the values of reggae.

Did the elements on the track come together with ease or did it take some creativeness to get them to work with each other?

“Jamrock Land” was actually very hard to make because of the beat. It goes at 130 bpm, but it is not an EDM-track, really. And it is too slow to be a trap song. I was kind of stuck making it, I don’t even have an idea what genre the song is…

Have you thought about playing around with anymore other styles and incorporating them in your music?

I actually have none in mind, I have a hard time letting my reggae mantra go away. Maybe I could go a bit softer than I have been.

Are you working on any cool projects with anyone at the moment?

Good question! I am releasing my fat club edit of “Jamrock Land” now, which I really think people will really like. Other from that, I am actually talking to some other artists right now – you can expect some collaborations from me too!

What else can we expect from you this year?

This year you can expect more from me than you could expect from me a year ago. I have been working like a crazy man all year to be able to show the world what I am all about. I will show you. Keep posted and you will see…

Jun 10th, 2016