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GIGOLO RECORDS II by Nf_Cloud on Mixcloud

(DISCLAIMER: This is a fan mix and is no way an official mix for Gigolo Records and its subsidiaries)

We made a Gigolo tribute awhile back and recently it has inspired me to do another mix compendium because its been the only thing that’s blasting out of my Ipod recently. Yes, that’s right I had to do a sequel because I was going insane and wanted to add more which is what this is, a 2 hour trip into the Gigolo catalog.

Okay not all tracks couldn’t be added to this mix but these are not only legit new ones I’m digging from the label, but classics such as Vitalic’s “You Prefer Cocaine” or David Carretta’s Vicious Game and of course the countless Hell classics.

The overall tone of this mix is slow and dark to pumping and explosive.

by Alana Schulz
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Rae Sremmurd – No Flex Zone (1DAFUL Remix)

David A. & TB1 weave their cybernetic, stunning sounds together on their newest remix of Rae Sremmurd’s original track, “No Flex Zone”. Being a collaborative effort under their alias known as 1DAFUL, the track is astonishing to say the least. Opening with a slow-paced beat pattern, the structure makes a mighty climb up before leaping into bouncing, fuzzy bouts of brawny bass, looped in between hyped lines of surgically lofty synth work. Bringing us a tremendous track piled to the top with synths, these two do the dirty work in this grittily sickening rendition. You can grab your free download of the track here today.

Aug 1st, 2014 Jul 28th, 2014

by Alana Schulz
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HELENA feat. Shawnee Taylor – “Levity” (The Remixes)

Leading forward from the great success of the original, HELENA & Shawnee Taylor now return with the four-track remix EP of their collaborative effort “Levity”, put out through Ultra Music back in March. Prepped to be released on the 28th of July, the collection racks in support from Fareoh, Maarcos, Merk & Kremont, as well as fourth mystery artist to be picked out through a remix competition via Talenthouse. This is surely a summer release not to miss out on, so be sure to grab your copy over at iTunes today!

Jul 28th, 2014

by Alana Schulz
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Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse (Jai Wolf Remix)

Jai Wolf is one of those musicians that we’ve come to expect a lot out of. With remixes around every corner of the scene and releases on some of the industry’s most notorious labels, he’s set himself up for very big things. His sound is ambitious, but he executes them with the ease of a star who’s been topping charts and selling out theaters for years prior. Returning this week with the stream of his official Melanie Martinez remix of “Dollhouse”, he is able to deliver yet another impeccable piece of work. Words can hardly describe the comprised beauty, so I recommend giving the below stream a slap on the play button, you won’t regret it.

Jul 28th, 2014 Jul 26th, 2014

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Annix Mix For Sunbeatz

SunBeatz, the world’s premier Drum & Bass holiday in Ibiza returns to the party island for the fifth year in a row. Featuring an all star line up of A-list DJs and MC’s, Sunbeatz takes over Ibiza again on Sept 14 – 21 2014.

Launched in 2010, Sunbeatz has firmly established itself as an essential part of the the Drum & Bass calendar and a focal point of the Ibiza scene. Renown for their hugely popular Goin Ape at the Zoo events, Boat Parties and club nights at some of the island’s biggest clubs like Sankeys and Gatecrasher. They are celebrating their 5th year anniversary with the Sunbeatz

Summer Mix Series. Each week in the run up to the event they will give away an exclusive mix from one of the acts on the line up at this years event.

Kicking off the Sunbeatz Summer Mix Series is an exclusive mix from Annix, one of the
UK’s hottest duos in Drum & Bass. They’ve have had releases on some of the scenes most respected labels, Playaz, Undiluted, Innerground & Radius and been supported by the likes of DJ Hype, Kmag, Drum & Bass Arena. Their new EP ‘Past and Future’ is released on Playaz later this month.

Sunbeatz is proud to present this exclusive 30 minute mix from Annix, available for free


Jul 26th, 2014

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A good EDM bubble burst article

As you know EDM is a huge movement in mainstream America making stars out of its “heroes” and being a lucrative market for those seeking monetary returns in their investment to the genre such as SFX who were on a buying frenzy all of last year. In fact I’ve seen a slight correlation in EDM with another movement that has had a backlash in the 70s……Disco (seriously look it up) But ask yourself this……….is the bubble about to burst and have we gone too far?

We found one such article that pique our interest that covers the eat itself mentality of the DJ culture.

I would like to leave you with some parting words a female DJ said to me….there is always good and bad within every genre of music. Now if that were the case, why do we have more bad in Electronic Dance Music.

Jul 21st, 2014