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Broken EP


Broken EP

I Used To Sleep At Night



Brand new imprint, I Used To Sleep At Night, debut this July with the stellar ‘Broken’ EP by Cropper.

Opening track ‘I Need To Know’ steams in full force, the broken beat number samples soulful vocals to great effect, cleverly looping and chopping segments out to create a hooky driving feel. The acidic bass line is notably the protrusive element really drawing out the groove, adding low-end depth and flare to accompany the rich airy mid-range pads.

Pushing forward, A2 track, ‘Bounce’ is an intricate deep house cut full of elaborate changes. Scattered snares and woodblock percussion create a rolling movement as the synthesized elements go to work, showing Cropper’s production savvy, as a very full palette of sounds are perfectly arranged to communicate with one another. Subtle use of delay and reverb textures in the background further fuel the energy, ‘Bounce’ is certainly a striking and unique composition in a realm of deep house that’s often not easy to stand out in.-

‘Blessing’ moves in to Garage realms with a 2 step beat, high pitched vocal samples and a simple yet fitting 3 note sub bass line that adds an infectious wobble to the sequence. A dreamy piano is worked in for 8 bars intervals adding melodic sprinkles to the already powerful dynamism.

Closing the release is ‘Broken’, a wonderful choice to wind down the release. Exploiting his dub influences Cropper motivates the groove with huge reverbs on several of the few elements that make up the track. ‘Less Is More’ is very much the case here as the solid drum programming leads the way, warbling bass fuels the movement.

‘Broken’ was certainly an apt name choice with so many off kilter beats and melodies, its clear this release has been a laborious effort to compose. Covering Garage, Dub, House and Techno tropes throughout, ‘Broken’ has a widespread appeal at many different ends of the spectrum.

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