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CCC // New Video Released

One of the pleasures of dance music is the beauty we can find in the human body in motion. For this video we wanted to find a way to reflect that beauty in a space beyond the confines of the dancefloor. Yoga is not only an effective therapeutic practice for physical and spiritual well-being, it is also an art form that can yield an aesthetic experience of the moving body.

Our remix of our good friends Mack Winston & The Reflections has a dance beat and an almost-serenely seductive attitude, a combination which we felt would greatly complement a human form that exuded both athletic prowess and grace.

Watch the Video for Mack Winston & The Reflections Here:

CCC (pronounced “see see see”, “sí sí sí” or simply “Triple C”) is a New York creative trio working in music, design and print media. Their cutting-edge hybrid DJ/Live PA performance combines Night Plane’s forward-thinking electronic productions with Harry Bennett‘s traditional vinyl mixing skills. Together they weave a psychedelic sonic tapestry out of original tracks, re-edits and classics that traverses multiple genres, twisting in and out of acid, deep house, indie rock and leftfield disco.

Their minimal, psychedelic and unique forms of visual culture are created by designer John Moeller. Claiming inspiration from Antonin Artaud, William James, Henri Michaux and Brion Gysin, Moeller and William Rauscher (aka Night Plane) developed ‘On Acid: A Field Guide to Altered States’, a heavily researched foray into the theme of psychedelic experience in contemporary art featuring interviews with artists Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Arik Roper, and documentary filmmaker Hamilton Morris. ‘On Acid’ is now part of the Museum of Modern Art’s print collection – find more information here:–on-acid-a-field-guide/

CCC’s latest release, ‘Sonic Underground’, compiles remixes from the CCC universe. Mugwump’s remix of CCC’s ‘Acid Snow’ has already earned huge accolades from Ewan Pearson and Magda Ivan Smagghe calls it “a no-nonsense record. While some look for experimental arty-ness, some for the big hit, all of this pretending to be ‘underground’, Mugwump pull out of their sleeves what is properly hard to achieve, a cool big track.” Also on Sonic Underground, Mack Winston & The Reflections see their swaggering glam-rock transformed by CCC into a deep back-room sex jam that’s getting big support from the Wolf + Lamb crew and is featured on Soul Clap’s compilation CD for Mixmag in February. CCC’s last release, the no-wave/house burner ‘Acid Snow’, was charted on the Village Voice’s best 12”s of 2011 list.

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