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CCC // ‘Sonic Underground’

Check out the ‘Acid Snow’ remix EP
Listen to CCC’s ‘Indie Rock Edits’ record

CCC (pronounced “see see see”, “sí sí sí” or simply “Triple C”) is a New York creative trio working in music, design and print media. Their cutting-edge hybrid DJ/Live PA performance combines Night Plane’s forward-thinking electronic productions with DJ Harry’s traditional vinyl mixing skills. Together they weave a psychedelic sonic tapestry out of original tracks, re-edits and classics that traverses multiple genres, twisting in and out of acid, deep house, indie rock and leftfield disco.

‘Sonic Underground’ compiles remixes by the CCC family of up-and-coming indie artists – four floor-ready, mutant hybrids of rock, pop, disco and deep house. Belgian firebrand Mugwump’s rework of CCC’s own ‘Acid Snow’ transforms the acid/no-wave original into a disco-house monster that’s earned accolades from the likes of Ewan Pearson and Magda. Ivan Smagghe calls the remix “a no-nonsense record. While some look for experimental arty-ness, some for the big hit, all of this pretending to be ‘underground’, Mugwump pull out of their sleeves what is properly hard to achieve, a cool big track.”

In a similar way, the rest of ‘Sonic Underground’ explores new combinations of arty edginess and mass appeal. Mack Winston & The Reflections see their swaggering glam-rock transformed by CCC into a deep back-room sex jam that’s getting support from the Wolf + Lamb crew and is featured on Soul Clap’s compilation CD for Mixmag in February. The flipside highlights remixes by CCC’s own Night Plane: with its atmospheric guitar and emo vocals, his take on Presssures sounds like if The Cure ever showed up on Crosstown Rebels, and his re-design of fellow New Yorker Baby Alpaca is a dreamy k-hole lullaby, with blissed-out melodies that make it an after-hours snuggle classic.

1. CCC – ‘Acid Snow’ (Mugwump Remix)
2. Mack Winston and the Reflections – ‘One You Want’ (CCC Remix)
3. Baby Alpaca – ‘Rainbow Fields’ (Night Plane Remix)
4. Presssures – Culprit (Night Plane Remix)

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