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Cordelia & The Buffalo: The Interview

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Cordelia Vizcaino is Cordelia and The Buffalo, an alternative, indie electronica act from all walks of life coming together with different backgrounds as a unified musical front.

To best describe their music, imagine having music that you would play during a vision quest or if you’re in a soaring landscape where the Buffalo roam (no pun intended) its simply breathtaking arrangements from Cordelia and The Buffalo, which should be commended.

For months we have posted everything from the band such as single releases, videos and press features which every nugget we got we loved more and more. Truly there is something to behold when it comes listening and experiencing such a beautiful vocal from Cordelia and the band’s efforts to heighten it.

In our exclusive interview, we talk to the bandleader herself as we also wax philosophically on painting.

Thanks for offering your time to do this interview with us Cordelia, so could you give us a brief rundown of the band and where everyone is from?

Cordelia Vizcaino (Singer/songwriter, Synths, Percussions) MEXICO
Yusuke Sato (Guitar) JAPAN
Rodrigo Gramitto (Guitar) VENEZUELA
Dan McCallum (Bass) ALASKA
Diego Diaz (Drums) VENEZUELA
Dag Hanken (Percussions/Synths) NORWAY

Why Cordelia & The Buffalo for the name? I bet it has an interesting backstory.

I started a simple singer/songwriter project with me on the piano as just Cordelia. When I fell in love with sound design and producing more experimental music, “The Buffalo” was born.

Here is where I learnt to trust my music and let it take me wherever it must. The American Buffalo (or Bison) is considered sacred in many Native American Cultures that I admire.

It is such a powerful force of nature, and their source of all life. Every single part of this animal is indispensable for their well-being and survival.

Their fur represents warm comfort, their flesh is nourishment, and their horns are powerful weapons. Time after time, music has proven to represent all those things to me as well. Buffalo’s also travel in herds that help each other stay brave and honest. Which is why I strive to preserve that feeling of camaraderie with my band mates, and listeners.

My ‘Buffalos’ are also all those  people, musicians, engineers, fans, those that have believed in us, and joined us in aid to keep The Buffalo alive. An entity that represents all those who have joined The Herd that will be Heard.

How would you describe the overall sound of Cordelia & The Buffalo? Going by the tracks themselves I feel a sense of contemporary textures with the electronica incorporated to the anthemeric nature of your vocals.

Wow Thank you, that’s very sweet! We’ve gotten several similar descriptions, but my favorites are: It is a tribal and eclectic fusion of dynamic beats.

Music focused on exotic instruments, ear candy, powerful lyrics and melodies set out to spike the listeners’ interest, and open their minds.

Where does the process in writing a tune start with you and in particular with the band and do you approach music making in an unconventional way, I read somewhere you equated it to painting.

Yes great memory! A series of paintings is how I characterize my music in an interview with Gadfly. Every song to me has it’s own color, atmosphere, unique instrument, and sound design I solely create to tell a different story every time.

The joy of creating them is finding a balance between each color, mood, light, textures, and composition.

Every single song has its own fingerprint, and therefore a different process of creation. I never write two songs the same way, and I strive not to. I like finding song seeds within the simplest things in life.

It is there where you find the truths of which are worth writing about. Something like sound of the pedestrian crosswalk light when it lets me cross the street, for example. I wrote “Take it up a Notch” while I crossed and unconsciously marked every step with the tempo of the sound it makes. That 1st track on the EP represents the courage to take step forward towards what you want to achieve.

Since young, I’ve also been infatuated with instruments with character from all over the world like the Ayoyotl Aztec jingles, Celtic flutes, the Caribbean steel drums are some of my favorites. Somehow each one of these instruments has their own little personality, history, and colored timbre that make it impossible for me to not get inspired.

Once I get the song seed, I get home, sit on the piano, and write the chords that will determine the tonality. Here is where I usually pick up the TC-Helicon to play around with loops, harmonies or effects I might add over my vox.

I open up Logic, Protools, or Ableton to sound design and arrange the song. I keep sculpting the piece to produce something concrete enough to show to the band in the next rehearsal.

After a while of letting the ideas marinate, and maybe play the song live once or twice, we are ready to go into the studio.

Do you have any influences musically or otherwise that you look up to?

Bjork, Bob Marley, Bon Iver, and John Lennon.

Is there an overall message with the music you make?

That, they too, will be listened. Our music is a dialogue with our listeners. We write for them, and about them. Our purpose is to give voice to those who have been silenced. An example of this is the 4th track of the EP “Hands like Guns”.

It speaks of an imaginary conversation I have with Venezuela’s military police that currently suppresses the lives of many who are fighting to survive in spite of the receding vital supplies. It also represents a message to the Mexican crime syndicate/drug cartel and policemen who kidnapped and killed 43 students in Ayotzinapa Mexico.

This song paints the anxiety that a lot of our fans and friends live everyday, and is also a dedication to all of those in the rest of the world who can relate to social-political injustice. Music is the purest form of communication that man has created, and the only one that can’t be muffled by anyone. So, what better instrument than the Universal Language to say what muted lips can’t?

Who has been an overall support towards your music besides your fans?

We’ve been very lucky to all have a great support system filled with family, friends, other musicians that have our backs. We’re also incredibly grateful to have found great people in the industry to work with that have believed in us form the start. There is nothing more inspiring than that to work as hard as we do to make everyone proud.

What are Cordelia & The Buffalo doing at the moment, are you working on new material, tours…etc?

Yes of course! At the moment we’re focused on a few music videos, on upcoming performances in festivals, on planning a tour next year, and on a New EP or what will become a full-length Album.

 Lastly do you have any wise words for our readers out there Cordelia & The Buffalo?


And with that we thank you!

It was my pleasure

Cordelia & The Buffalo 2



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