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Deconstruction Revisited 3 / Crocodile Tears

LABEL Hideout
ARTIST Davide Squillace
Robert Dietz
TITLE Deconstruction Revisited 3 / Crocodile Tears
STORES Beatport
FORMAT 12″, Digital EP

After the huge success of its tenth release (Davide Squillace & Guti), Hideout is back with with the third slice of the Deconstruction Revisited Series. This time, Crocodile Tears, which appeared on Davide Squillace´s Tutti Frutti EP (HO003) got offered three amazing relectures. It all starts with Mr Robert Dietz (cadenza, cecille …) who delivers a super modern and energetic relecture where intelligent synthetic percussions mess around with weird noises and processed effects.

After two minutes a monophonic synths starts its battle with vocals from Squillace´s original to end up on a more minimal groove. GFlame aka Portugese techno start Cisco Ferreira (The Advent)´s relecture directly sets the tone: a nasty bassline with a crazy synth stab flies over a soft but very heavy techno beat, to evolve to an elegant tech house track (no bongos involved) Finally, Sis, the man behind Cocolino imprint´s reinterpretation stars with a long intro with the kick dropping after more than 3 minutes. The melancholic feeling of the track builds into a very subtile beat with reverbered elements all over. The percussion layers and delicate melodic synths add some organic flavour to the music so the 14 minutes remix is never boring and takes you to a nice journey thru sounds. You can tell somebody was in love when making such a beautiful song. Another must have from Hideout!!!

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