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Dirty Disco Youth:The Interview


By Dazzle Kenki

So the name Dirty Disco Youth may not be a household name like Nerdy Frames, but with time and patiences it will be if not already. In fact Dirty Disco Youth is fortunate enough to be living in the myspace and audio blogging generation to garner the attention from all sorts of media so far

Even in his hometown of HAMBURG it’s local media has done an exposé on Dirty Disco Youth which was televised nationally!

He has done a plethora of remixes for the likes of The Prodigy, The Bloody Beetroots, Deadmau5, Crookers and many others. Not only has he played in his native Hamburg, he has played in London, BUDAPEST, Italy and Mexico….I think its safe to say you better start catching the DDY fever!

We talk to Dirty Disco Youth about being the amazing das wunderkind of the Myspace generation and about his brand new EP being released on Kinetika Music!

Thanks once again to George over at Kinetika!

Hey Philip Speiser, thanks for talking to us here at Nerdy Frames. So music..when did your interest in doing music start and was it something you always wanted to do?

Basically my passion for music is as old as I am…..As a little child there was nothing that caught my attention like music did. The moment I realized that it is really a possibility to be a musician I decided that there was nothing else for me.

Here’s a silly question for you. If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?

Honestly I really don’t know and I’m glad about that.

There is not that much about you on the Internet, so what can you tell us about yourself?

DDY with his lady!

It’s cool that beside my official biography there’s not a lot personal stuff about me on the net, that’s something really important for me… private life and my life as an artist are two completely different things, there are no working compromises I guess.

How did you come up with the name of Dirty Disco Youth?

I did a track but I didn’t know how to call the project so I thought about how to describe the sound…..It’s a Dirty, Youthful, Disco-Sound…

Now from what I’ve heard, you’ve played a lot traditional instruments such as the piano, guitar, and the drums which you taught yourself to play. Was it hard to learn without any tutors and are you much disciplined in regards to making music?

I had some assistance from my aunt when I was really young. She’s really a good piano player and she helped me with the basics but I think if you understand one instrument it’s not a really big deal to learn another, so I learned Guitar by myself and if you can play Guitar, you can automatically play bass…… I was not disciplined; I love to make music so I did it a lot.

For our curious gear nerds and geeks, what gear or software that you use to work on your productions and remixes? All digital I take it?

I maybe one of the biggest Ableton Live Fan ever…..I started producing professionally on Ableton and probably I’ll do my last track before I die on Ableton.. When it comes to Plug-Ins I think I use the same ones like everybody else, it really depends on how to use it.

I’m really interested in analog stuff but the digital stuff is just too good and handy these days

Do you use old analog equipment in the music making process?

I use emulations of the old stuff like MOOG Emulations but I’m also a fan of Vintage Amp-Modeling. It’s crazy if you combine a normal saw bass with a vintage Guitar-Amp.

What artists or bands that you grew up listening to?

I had, like most young people, different music phases but in general you can say that I heard Hip Hop on one side and Rock on the other. Thanks to cross-over acts like Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk˛ I discovered the electronic stuff quite early and started loving it.

Any influences from the past musically or otherwise that you look up to?

Almost every day another….normally really little elements of songs inspire me that are not so special at the first listen but in the end they are the reason why songs are great or not.

Who are some of your favorite artists or bands (regardless of Genre) that you’re listening to or following at the moment?

Basically if I look at my playlists on my ipod you can say there is something from every genre but the high quality stuff. So you can find tracks from genius Song Writers like The Kings of Convenience˛ to fabulous Electro House Producer like Wolfgang Gartner. In the plane or at home I also listen a lot to bands like Hot Chip or some older stuff like Kruder and Dorfmeister.

How’s the nightlife in Germany and what are the pros and cons?

I think it really depends on the city. Most of the bigger cities here have a really strong Minimal scene but the Electro Sound is getting more and more attention and there are good electro parties every weekend in every bigger city.

What would be a typical DJ set from you?

That’s easy. I listen to loads of music and if I hear something that rocks, I pick it for my set! This could be any genre and from any time.. I don’t like Djs who play just the beatport top 100 and think that they have good taste.. There aren’t thousands of great tunes every year.

There is just a couple in every genre. I don’t speak about charts or the most popular ones just about the tunes with that special feeling. I’m not the Dj that plays credible techno music.

For me it’s all about entertainment!

What is the craziest of parties that you can recall playing at?

Honestly my best parties have been in eastern and southern Europe. The people there have another party mentality. They just don’t give a fuck about what other people think or what they wear and just enjoy themselves!

Let’s talk about your music. How do you come up with ideas for making original music?

I play around a lot with instruments and effects, but I also have different musical projects and often one track gives me the idea of another but in a different style of music. And sometimes I’ve just a vision 🙂

Do you apply this sort of thinking when doing remixes?

When I’m doing a remix I try to get all of my inspiration out of the original but at the same time I try to use only the most significant bits of the original track in my mix. I love to cut up and sample the significant things like vocals so they get a completely different feeling and rhythm.

About your remixes, it seems as though you’re done quite a lot of them for the likes of Punx Soundcheck, Automatic Panic, Bloody Beetroots, Digitalism and many others. Did they approach you for the remixes or was it vice versa?

Normally it’s the labels or artists that ask me to do a remix for their singles. I would really like to do all of the remixes people ask me to do but honestly I can’t do 3 remixes a week, so I have to select based on the criteria of how much I like the original track.

Tell us about your thoughts in regards to dance music? Do you think that the level of dance music is satisfactory, same old, or not progressing anywhere?

Of course it’s not really easy to do something really new these days, but I think there is always a progress when it comes to the tolerance of people.

I’m so glad that I can mix every kind of music in my sets and people just enjoy themselves but this isn’t completely normal yet. There are still some scenes in dance music that aren’t open minded… and that bores me because I think the most important thing for a good dj set is that it should surprise me in a good way.

Do you think that it was an issue for you entering the music scene at such a young age along with other established artists who have been doing it for quite awhile?

I think I can be lucky that I started doing this kind of music at a time where blogs and myspace have been really important and respected instruments for young talents.

If you have really good stuff, you have a really big platform to share you passion for music and get some attention. I think today it’s not so easy anymore because everyone thinks that he can produce and there is a lot of bad quality stuff on myspace and on the blogs.

Luck wise there are still some blogs in the net that have a really high quality standard.

A mexican mag, awarded you “best new talent of 2007” Explain to us how you felt that a magazine as far away as Mexico gave you that honor?

It was great because it made me realize that people all around the world are listening to my music and that I can reach loads of people with my productions.

What are your thoughts in regards to audio blogs on the internet? Do you think that they’re a good source for finding newer forms of music? I mean a lot of them seem to be the only place to find the majority of your music

I love the blogs! It’s such an easy way to access great music from all around the world so I support it and share for example some illegal edits I did for my sets with my favourite blogs.

Are MP3s the new format that people should now embrace, and not older formats like CDs, vinyl or even cassettes?

I do my sets with Ableton Live and I love to always get the latest mp3s long before you can buy them physically and also there are so many great unreleased edits, but on the other side I really love it when I produced something which will be released on vinyl so I can hold it in my hands.

The physical thing makes it more special.. I love Mp3 Djing….It’s only a bad thing if people only download crappy 128kbps mp3s and even play them out in clubs.

Let’s talk about the EP that you will be releasing on Kinetika Music. What can fans expect from this release?

Stupid Sound is a peak-time banger that can bring a lot of fun if you use it the right way… I love to play it because the crowd reactions are always massive!

Will this eventually lead to some form of a full album later on?

I’m definitely working on an album. It won’t be an album just full of bangers. It
will be more a concept album where I can show a lot of my musical influences, but of course dancefloor oriented.

What’s in store for Dirty Disco Youth? Will you be doing tours, more remixes..etc?

Of course I will play a lot in the near future and I will be touring all around the world but my real passion is doing productions so you can expect a lot of new crazy bangers.

How does Dirty Disco Youth relax away from all the music?

Watching a silly comedy movie with my girlfriend + a bottle of good red wine.

What advice would you give to someone as young as you if they want to enter the dance music scene?

Just do it…. But don’t forget that there are really talented people out there that work day and night on their music career.

Lastly give us your top 5 remixes that you’re done that you play out on the regular?

1. Chanty Poe Weekend Cruise (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
2. Deadmau5 Ghosts n’ Stuff (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
3. The Scanners Salvation (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
4. Milke Maybe I’m crazy (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
5. Streetlife Dj’s Bassline Kickin (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)

Hmmmmm….rather modest to say the least…and with that we thank you DDY

Special merci to the lovely folks at Kinetika Music including George, because he is the man. Stupid sound is out now and available at all digital outlets across the interbums. Plus Stupid Sound is a monster banger….strictly not for pussies!

Get yours at Beatport™ by clicking here

For more information on DDY or Kinetika Music check out:

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