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Jane Bang: The Interview

Jane Bang is a New York born Dj and M.C. who situated her fine ass in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and totally is our new BFF. So you’re probably wondering how the hell we know about Jane Bang and why are we covering her on Nerdy Frames and to that I say……….we can cover whoever we want on our blog because it’s our blog damn it!

Well you can thank the mystical powers of our favorite social media poison known as Facebook for our discovery of Ms. Jane Bang. We befriended her first off and was unaware that she was a musician, we then shared a common interest in artists that we dig and yeah, we had our tiffs here and there (notoriously about Lindsay Lohan LOL), but I really loved Jane’s personality and we became good mates so there.

Speaking of Lindsay, a lot of media out there have compared her to Samantha Ronson. Granted that Jane herself is a I’m bisexual and the fact that we dont know much about Samantha Ronson’s musical output other than her DJ Gigs. We fail to see the comparison other than the both of them disapprove of Paris Hilton’s new career in Djing (predominately in 3rd world countries LOL). More on that later!

When it comes to her music she has the filthiest mouth in the game that would make Ke$ha drink her own pee, no seriously we dig such singles as “Crunk it” and her new single “Get Smashed” which we played on Episode 29 of the NFMX podcasts.

Her versatility towards electronic genres is something that attracted us to her chiefly from her doing regular rap verses to melding her lyrics towards Electro House, Trap, Dubstep hell even Techno if need be.

Currently signed to Ultra Records she is working her ass off to get brand new material out in hopes that it will eventuate to a album release and did we mention she is a success in her own right. I mean she collaborated with an Americas Next Top Model Contestant!

So here is our interview with the lovely, mild mannered Jane Bang!

Hey Jane thanks for doing this interview with us at Nerdy Frames, so let’s start with the obvious. How did you get involved with music and did you do anything prior to that?

Hey NF! With how often we’ve cross paths there was a Q&A destined for us! My turn to Interview you next haha 🙂

Alright here we go… I was involved in music when I was young, played piano since I was 6, took up guitar around 12 and got into audio programming in high school. Just fucking around on keyboards, low quality mics, Fruity Loops and Reason with friends in a basement whenever we weren’t sneaking into Fischerspooner and Larry Tee shows in New York. When I moved to LA, I came out for fashion school, and the music took the back burner. I worked as a fashion and nightlife photographer for a while but my innate love for music creep back in and I had to switch the game back up.

Now you’re a rapper right and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to listen to your tracks that you sent us and…….you got a filthy mouth. I like that. How far can it go with regards to writing lyrics and gauging subject matter?

Haha thanks. I agree… I’m a dirty little girl. I go pretty far with everything, a little too far sometimes because I’m a bit of a lunatic. I think the craziest things all the time. Some people say I’m a quiet person in real life. I’m only quiet because if I said what I was thinking I’d scare people.

I’ve learned to tone it down, to control it to some extent, but there’s a beauty in offensiveness that I thrive from. The way it takes your breath away just for a moment, strikes your reflexes and makes you stop to re-think things.

In real life, in polite society, it’s shocking, confrontational and generally unaccepted. But in song it’s fun and ok because music is art and therapy. That’s my way of staying out of jail. I’ve lived a bold life so I couldn’t possibly run out of things to talk about that everyone can relate to in one way or another. Tupac said, “If you’re in hell surrounded by devils, trying to be an angel is suicide”. I’m not ready to die.

What would be a typical Jane Bang day in the studio be like?

Typical studio day with Jane starts with getting all the necessities… a good luck charm, snacks, tea, redbull etc., whatever I need to feel 100% comfortable. Then we start building a beat, vibing, brainstorming, writing, getting crunk, vocals, mixing, tweaking and finally birthing the track.

I’m really big on feeling safe when I’m getting creative. It’s such a fulfilling intimate experience that I actually enjoy it much more than great sex. It lasts longer, too! A studio sesh can go anywhere from 4 hours to a whole day.

Besides the Macbook Pro you carry around for DJ gigs, do you do your own production and if so, what do you use?

jane photo 9

My sound is electronic, so I’ve steered away from the piano and guitar of my youth. I do my audio production in Logic, Maschine, and am now learning the ins-n-outs of Ableton Live, mainly to remix for live shows and to structure ideas for original songs. Being a DJ has led me to meet so many extraordinarily talented producers that have taught and guided me along the way. When it comes down to the final product, I prefer to work with the experts.

It’s mind blowing to watch someone Iron Chef the shit out of a beat in seconds, while I’m still making up my mind about samples and placement. And when it’s my own song I become hyper aware, and over analyzing can cripple into non action. I’m a poet, I’m a writer, and I’m emotionally driven, so I need that release to create and it helps to have a technical mind staying focused on the big picture to get us to the destination. It’s a trust that turns work into fun. No… it’s just magic.

Who are some of your inspirations music or otherwise and who has been supportive in your music?

My greatest inspirations are Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, The Sex Pistols, Eminem, Quentin Tarantino, Jodie Foster (not sure if you knew but Jodie used to be a French pop singer), Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou and a few other massive personalities that embrace life fearlessly and express themselves so honestly that they are too interesting to ignore. Suge Knight once told me after hearing my life story, “Jane, you have to take all that’s inside you, and bring it out for everyone to see”. Over the years I’ve had many stand out people encourage me in the same way; it always reads “the truth shall set you free”.

Being the darling of TMZ fame, why did you write that diss track to Paris Hilton (besides the obvious) and was it a statement to not only her but to others that fall under her archetype thinking that Djing is an easy thing to do but really it’s not?

It was so tempting I couldn’t resist! I wrote the diss track, “Put Your Hands Up For The DJs”, because I could, and I waited for a voice but no one spoke so I had to step up to the plate. Samantha Ronson chimed in soon after but honestly we can’t give Paris all the credit. It’s not like she blew up a preschool in Serbia, she just messed up in public and was an easy scapegoat. I don’t hate her, I think she’s a successful determined diva, she’s a business woman. I mean, look at her- she’s tappin’ that fine little 19 yr old Calvin Klein ass. That’s some nice piece of ass.

So rather the track was my way of drawing attention to and restoring some value to the art of DJing, it’s development, history, influencers and evolution (you can see this in the video). Slamming people in rap is nothing new, either. And it’s no secret that female djs have a hard time fitting in this industry (just look at DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ charts), but the bitch had to be blonde, too…

So what about when the other Hilton posted the diss track on his site and these negative comments sprung up from his visitors saying that they hated it, your thoughts?

Obviously everyone (with ears and a brain) hated her DJing, but if you’re asking what I think about a negative backlash towards my song then here’s my opinion: An artist’s gift is to stimulate. Artists give people an opportunity to experience emotion, creating a platform of perspective that leads to discussion. The only things in life we really ever own are our thoughts and feelings, and when I’m able to touch that, it’s so exciting. it’s so personal and romantic and creepy. It’s art.

Lets Talk music, what have you worked on lately in the studio and will you be doing an album or EP soon?

My latest release is a solid dance track called Get Smashed, produced with Beats & Styles my favorite west coast fins. It hits so hard you can’t sit still and in the track I talk about my weekly penthouse escapades with my girls (you know who you are) and getting Smashed in every sense of the word. There’s remixes by Sazon Booya, BRTHR BEAT, Mother Brother, and Attracktive.

It’s on Ultra Records and they’ve had me tone things down a lot, (I’ve had songs shelved due to explicit drug and sex references) so for the EP I’m just going all in no censor. The next one is a trap record called Coco Puff I worked on with my ex husband IZM. If you don’t know what a coco puff is I’ll show you sometime.

Its 2013, whats on the table for the lovely Jane Bang, ever wanted to come down under?

I just left my booking agency because my relationship with my manager (who was also my booker) became very inappropriate. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say when you’ve been imprisoned in a dark place and you step into the light all of a sudden life embraces you, all these opportunities appear and you never want to go back into that dark place again. I’m finally putting my live performance back together after years of getting pigeonholed as a DJ.

You can’t miss it- I’m definitely bringing this show down undah! Also, I’m collaborating with some extremely amazing people right now, my idols, on their records and on the EP. I don’t want to jinx it but it’s definitely making my knees shake!!!

Some fresh gear to check out for summer is the apparel line I designed for Apliiq ( inspired by my leopard head tattoo.

Also I’m doing some raunchy modelling feature for the MIMP website ( (Tiffany Amber Thiessan just did one) so if you wanna see me in my undies head over there.

Would you like to finish our interview with some wise (or in your case) dirty words?

I’d like to leave off on an uplifting note with some positive words:

Don’t let secrets hold you captive. There’s no need to be anchored at the wrong docks. You’re only as big as your dreams are. Don’t be afraid to fall in love with the wrong person for the right reasons. Stop thinking about it. Just fucking do it. We’re all beautiful people and if someone tells you you’re not they’re lonely. Do it big. HAM on everything. Use a condom. Don’t share needles. Exercise. Read. Remember that the magic happens when you leave your comfort zone. Be kind. Help the needy. Set goals. Never give up.

You can follow for regular updates on everything Jane Bang,

twitter: @janebang // instagram: @janebangme

And with that, we thank you Jane Bang!

Me love u long time Nerdy Frames <3

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