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La Fleur: The Interview


Photo by Norman Cavazzana

By La Jasper

Vivacious, intelligent and beautiful is how I would best describe our wonderful friend La Fleur. I mean check out her name, it holds a prestige and regal-ness behind it that is unparalleled. From having DJ’ed around Europe, collaborated with others (see The Housewives for proof) to now running a vinyl only label for the greater preservation of the Hi Fidelity medium of vinyl, this is sure a far cry from her former dayjob of Pharmacist.

In a world where Nerdy Frames is having a hard time being convinced about woman in dance music where it is sensationalized with no substance nor candor (especially with the whole Djanes and playboy models cum Djs jazz all over America), La fleur in our humble opinion is the real McCoy and genuine to a tee exemplary even.

As stated earlier we met her as one half of the mega house duo The Housewives (with her partner in crime Adeline Hedmar) in 2010 courtesy from our good friends of Kinetika Records. She has come out and released ‘Flowerhead’ the brand new single off her newly formed Power Plant Records imprint which has been getting extensive plays here on New Zealand radio and really can’t you blame her? This has even been touted from the lips of djs here as their single of the year and we at Nerdy Frames can attest that notion.

So with that my friends and fellow listeners of fine electronic music, we talked to La Fleur to get a very special insight into this exquisite producer!

Hey La Fleur thanks for doing this interview with Nerdy Frames and how are you? Let start from the beginning before the music because from your official bio unbeknownst to me, you started off as a pharmacist which was your daytime job at one point. So how did you get involved with Dj and then music thereafter?

Hello! I’m great thanks, hope you’re too!

I always been involved in music. I have a master degree in Pharmaceutical science but since four years I’ve put my Pharmacy career on hold and only been focusing on the music.

My music interest started out in dancing to music, firstly ballet for many years and later on salsa and oriental dance and finally discovering dance music in clubs. At an early age I also had the wish to play the music I loved for other people, I recorded mixtapes for my friends and always ended up behind the stereo on the home parties and very soon I got interested djing.

But it was many years later, at the end of my studies that I got introduced to a couple of turntables. After trying out mixing vinyl I was hooked, bought my own equipment, placed it on my kitchen table and started to practice. The djing made me interested in music production as well, but since I at that time was working full time as a pharmacists it took me a while to get started. I took three months leave of absence and went from Stockholm to Berlin to get time and inspiration for my productions, it worked out well and I’m still in Berlin!

Since we last talked it was when you were a part of The Housewives with Adeline Hedmar who was your co Dj. Give us an update on that briefly, is The Housewives still together?

Housewives is still together. When we started out end of 2006 I put my La Fleur career on hold and put all my heart in the Housewives project. We had lots of fun and it was very intense for a few years but for varied reasons I needed some time to focus on my own projects for a while again. I started to play more again as La Fleur and started my record label Power Plant, a dream I have had for a while.

What made you move to the uber capital of creative minds Berlin from your native Sweden?

Yes, I wanted to get going with my own productions and needed inspiration in my everyday life. So I took 3 months leave of absence and went to Berlin. Fell in love with the city and a couple of months I decided to stay and leave my pharmacy job and work full time with the music.

Could you describe your sound to us because as La Fleur I hear hints of tech house and elements of minimal house/techno?

I’m coming from the Soulful house and US Garage era so House is in my heart. Danceable, groovy, can be techy, but always with a warm housey feeling. I like minimal but with a maximal touch.

In your opinion, is electronic music/dance music at a good place or are there some stumbling blocks or qualms that should be noted?

Photo by Norman Cavazzana

I think electronic dance music is in a good place now, but I would probably say so in 10 years too. I like movement, whether it is in music, fashion or something else. If you put some of “you” in everything you do, you can evolve with time and still keep true to what you like. I try to be open minded, if I hadn’t been that back in the days, I wouldn’t have discovered electronic dance music to start with.

Tell us about how Flowerhead came about and how long did it take to produce plus who are the remixers involved? The initial feedback as you know from NZ is that they love this song. Hell one of my friends said it was going to be a breakout song of the year!

I’m happy to hear you like in NZ! 🙂 Flowerhead was based on an idea I had for a long time, I just knew I had to do that track. And it is a part of my Flowerhead EP with the other track Et La Fleur whose roots and inspiration also coming from that original idea.

Flowerhead was initially released on my vinyl only label Power Plant 31st of May 2010. It was the B-side but my favourite. It didn’t come with any remixes, but Spencer Parker was one of the djs who picked it up early and who loved and supported it. He asked if he could do a remix of it just because he liked the track so much and I said yes. At the same time the distributor WordAndSound contacted me and asked if the could license and re-release the Flowerhead track on their new label Whatpeopleplay.

They suggested Spencer Parker to do a remix – and what could I say – YES! It felt that things were meant to be around that track. So Flowerhead got re-released in March this year with a remix from Spencer Parker and a new track from me Called Racine, all under the name Flowerhead Revisited ( Which also made it available digital.

The story continues.. Flowerhead (Spencer Parker’s A Gun For Hire Remix) will be one of the tracks at Pete Tong & Felix Da Housecat’s “All Gone Ibiza..’11” compilation out on Defetced 6th of June!

What’s new or coming up on Power Plant Records?

Today the new release is out – finally! Jesper Ryom – Nature Boy EP. It took me some time to find something that touched me and which I felt was the next Power Plant release. This time the music comes from Danish talent Jesper Ryom. His two track EP comes with a remix from me, all accompanied by a beautiful artwork by German illustrator and colleaguist Sätty.

Later on this year there will be a new release from me out on Power Plant as well!

What are you working on next La Fleur; will there be a possible album in the works for either this year or next?

An album have been in my mind for a while. Hopefully I can tell you more about it early next year! I also started working on a live set.I also have a remix for Martin Dawson’s “Soft Synth” coming out on Moodmusic in June. And of course the remix I did of “Godt Begyndt” out on Power Plant Records.

Have you got any tours/gig outside of Europe that you’ve got planed for this year and would you like to come to NZ?

I would LOVE to come to NZ to play! I’m just waiting for an invitation… 😉

Would you like to end our interview with some wise words or sagely advice?

Viel spass!

And with that..we thank you La Fleur
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