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New! Edison – Music Made with Buttons 5.0 Video & a New Release!


Edison is a musician/electronic producer based in San Francisco, California. He composes and performs with his laptop and a hand-built Monome controllers made from an old lunchboxes.

Yes, that’s right converted lunchboxes. He brings new sound to the already exploding beat scene, by employing a closet of dusty old instruments, glitched out percussion and perfect melodies.

Originally spawned in the pine trees of upstate NY, his musical father and brother were the biggest influence on his sound and his passion for music. Growing up on guitars and 4 tracks, Edison was forever noisy, soaking up the long winters in recording recluse. After leaving his home state, he quickly picked up new methods and musical ideology. He learned digital techniques and tried to make them sound organic and human.

After landing in the Bay Area, he started producing tracks for friends and fellow musicians. He dabbled with simple electronics and new performance methods while building his own simple machines to exploit and control his one man band.

Edison has collaborated with artist from around the globe, including records with indie rap stars such as 2mex, Existereo, and Bleubird. He has also been invited to play shows all over the u.s. and has toured throughout france and germany. Over the years he’s been able to share the stage with Daedelus, Tehn, Cage, TOPR, The Alkoholiks, Existereo, Alititude Sickness, Making the Noise, %, Audio88, Yassin & Soda, Motionless, Babelfishh, The Beastmaster, Mike Gao, Twilight of the Idols, and his rap crew Papervehicle.

More recently he has been invited to perform and speak about his production/performance methods at Princeton University at an event put on by the Terrace Club and The event brought together the biggest names in the Monome world, such as Kelli Cain (the inventor of the Monome), Daedelus (Ninja Tune), Peter Kirn ( and a handful of other talented musicians like Edison.

Edison’s widely acclaimed debut album was released in 2009 on Kid Without Radio, a label coming into its own fame for bringing live electronic producers/performers together and exposing them to the world.

Over the past year Edison continued to amaze people with his live videos, touring, projects with close friends, as well as a colaborative effort with Bleubird.Edison’s new album “People Are Bad Animals” now being released a year and a half later promises not to disappoint the already niche following and the beat scene alike.

-Watch his new video (Music Made with Buttons 5.0) for the song “Artemis Vs. The City.” It features triggered lights and 2 monomes!

-Listen to a track and read the press page and bio here.

-Read some past press about Edison’s last album and video over at Above the Fold, Strictly Beats and The Fast Life.

Check out Edison’s special Bat-Themed mixtape for the 900Bats website.

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