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Sara Savery “The Diver”

“breathy, longing vocals beautifully complement the brushes of woozy guitars” – Prefix Magazine
“Savery’s high, dreamy vocals complement this track’s sparkling beats perfectly”  – Entertainment Weekly
“Her voice is essentially used as its own instrument, taking the lead when the opportunity arises and providing atmospheric cooing whenever the mood dictates so” – Tiny Mixtapes

About Sara Savery:

Brooklyn based artist Sara Savery was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At the age of five years Savery began studying music with her grandmorther who was then a music teacher.

By the age of 18, Savery moved to England where she spent two years in North England and another two years in London. By year 2000 she finished her BA (honors) in music. Running out of money and wanting to dedicate her time to writing songs and producing more electronic music, Savery moved back to Denmark. Here, Savery met Thomas Knak (Opiate, System, Future 3) and together with Anders Remmer (DubTractor, System, Future 3)and Jesper Skaaning (System, Future 3) they formed the band People Press Play (Morr Music). Their selftitled album was released in 2007 and received a lot of attention. Savery also began scoring for documentaries and films.

In 2003 Savery had met with Tobias Wilner, founder of Blue Foundation, Bichi, electronic musician, producer and song writer. Together they collaborated on several songs as Bichi meets Savery. In 2008 Wilner and Savery formed the shoegaze dreamy pop band by the name of Ghost Society. their Ep “Dogs and Desperation” hit the streets in 2008 followed by a full length album, The Back of his Hands, Then the Palms in 2009.

By 2010 Savery moved to Brooklyn where she now currently lives. Savery decided that now was a good time to make a solo album. The Diver was thus created in her Brooklyn home. All the tracks derive from a short story about a diver which she was writing alongside completing the album. (The short story is yet to be released).

Savery’s music has unique, distinct sound. It’s almost as if you’re entering a different world or a dream even. The Diver is exploring the concept of weaving in and out between dreamlike stages, the subconscious and conscious stages, with which you can dive into and come out of. The Diver bases its songs around strong melodies and they are indeed extremely catchy! As beautiful counter frases emerge from dreamy synths and bell-like cadences, stories about wanting to hide from it all, a person dying, unfold as you listen your way through the tracks.

Sara Savery has recently collaborated on three tracks with Blue Foundation’s latest album “In My Mind, I am Free”. In 2013 Sara Savery got nominated with a Robert by the Royal danish Film Academy for best score of danish feature film “You and Me Forever” (director: Kasper Munk).


Sara Savery “Angel” Music Video (Rated Version) from DPC Records on Vimeo.

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