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Trax Records in association with Top Billin release Sir Nenis’ single “Freaks”

Digital and Vinyl release
Label: Trax Records + Top Billin
Release date: March 7, 2012
Label number: TX4563

Trax Records in association with Top Billin release Sir Nenis’ single “Freaks”

I’ve known Sir Nenis ( or as I like to call him, Bubba) for a while since I started out at Trax.

Luckily he is one cool cat and over the time that we’ve spent emailing each other here and there I asked him one day if Top Billin would like to collaborate with myself and Trax in releasing Nic Sarno’s “The Flow” (which is being released April 17, 2012). When he agreed, I was excited because I like partnerships. That way two different point of views can come together to form one project. Or in this case provide a different world view to a midwestern label.

As we were working out on “The Flow”, Bubba told me that he had this single “Freaks” that he would love to have be a release within our special super team releases. I said yes because I heard something that was really different from what I tend to listen to and something completely different from Trax.

“Freaks” has that cool vibe that meets the requirements of modern-day dance music production with its jackin feel and a catchy bassline, definitely designed for the dance floor. Freaks is also Sir Nenis’ debut solo single, stylistically more classic-sounding than his previous Top Billin or Sharkslayer productions. As well as the amazing original, the pack includes remixes from Helsinki’s deep house import Femme En Fourrure, Parisian tech housers Hornets, Germany’s tropical beatsmith So Called Friend, Crookers affiliates Wax Motif & Neoteric, and Finlands answer to dubbed out UK funky, Wolfhaus.

“Freaks” will be available digitally through Trax Records bandcamp as well as worldwide in all digital stores on March 7th. “Freaks” can also be preordered via Trax Records’ bandcamp (link: which includes an immediate download of the A-side mix.

– Jorge

About Sir Nenis:

Sir Nenis is the president and main producer for Europe’s finest club music label, Top Billin. Besides producing anything from ghetto club cuts to rap beats and even moombahton under the Top Billin moniker, and bass-heavy dance floor destoryers as his Sharkslayer alias, he still has time to release house tracks under his own dj name Sir Nenis.
Sir Nenis has been an integral part or Helsinki’s nightlife for ages, deejaying around and pushing out quality dance music on the Top Billin label with his partner Flipperi. The key to Top Billin’s success is not rocket science. They are just guys who love music and like to have good time. All the time. And that is exactly what drives Sir Nenis forward, his love for music and having a good time. Things are picking up nice for dance music from far-away Helsinki.

You can preorder “Freaks” exclusively digitally via Trax Records’ bandcamp, out in digital stores March 7, 2012.



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