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Ultraviolet Sound: The Interview

By Jasper Gape

A rather terrific discovery from our part, this candy laced band consisting of members Sarah Hudson and Sami D merge all things sticky and sweet from the world of electro pop and make more a warm, digestible taffy with beats that are perfect and singing from one of this generation’s underrated divas.

Ultraviolet Sound’s music has been on the ears of Perez Hilton and the LGBT-friendly digital cable channel LOGO, as a part of the NewNowNext Music’s PopLab show. In fact Sarah Hudson according to Wikipedia is the daughter of record producer and 1970s television personality-pop singer Mark Hudson and yes she is Kate Hudson’s Cousin.

Recently we did a review of their self titled album (which was out earlier in the year) and gave it a highly recommended rating because they did electro pop a fabulous service to its detriment and their relenting mish-mashing of electronic genres also kept it fresh and innovative giving the listener a bit of everything

We got to talk to Sarah Hudson on the email blast and dive into the psyche of Deee Lite’s next gen successors!

Ultraviolet Sound thanks for granting this interview op for Nerdy Frames here in New Zealand, so let’s get the ball rolling and ask how you guys got together to become Ultraviolet Sound? I notice that Sarah did some stuff on her own in 2006.

In 2006 I was signed as a solo artist and Sami was playing in my band at that time. My label ended up folding two months before my album was ever released. It was totally devastating but I couldn’t do anything else but just keep pushing and making music. Sami was making these incredible beats and I started writing to them and it evolved into us forming UVS.

How would you describe the overall sound and aesthetic of Ultraviolet Sound? I noted in a review that you guys reminded me of Deee-Lite.

I LOVE that you compared us to Deee-Lite, they have been SUCH a big influence for me, especially Lady Kier!!  UVS is all about stripping away your limitations, letting go, and being a freak!

Who has been a constant support towards your music besides your fans?

Our family, friends, Perez Hilton has been a huge supporter and friend and of course our AMAZING fans!

Where do some of the song ideas come from and do any of it derived from subjectivity or themes?

Pop culture, life, love, pain, bliss, everyday experiences…but when they come effortlessly, i believe 100% the ideas/inspiration come from a higher power, the Universe, God, whatever you wanna call it. We are simply the vessels.

What artists/bands/acts/albums/etc….did you grow up listening to and did they play a factor in what you do with music now in terms of becoming an influence?

Sarah: I have always been influenced by true artists that bleed through their music…that cannot help but to emote through music. Joni Mitchell, Madonna, Prince, Elvis, The Beatles, David Bowie, Deee-lite, Lou Reed. I could go on for galaxies! These artists absolutely play a huge factor in my art today.

Now we had the liberty of reviewing your self-titled album which was out awhile ago…fantastic album, so how long did it take to make and how did you encompass a whole heap of genres within a scope of one album? I mean there is some dubstep, disco, electro house…etc?

Thank you! This album was written and recorded in a little over a year. We flew all over the country to write with Desmond Child, Lauren Christy, Ferras, Kill The Noise and a few others. So once we had all the songs we got in the studio (in NY, LA and Vegas) and really crafted out a cohesive sound for the record while at the same time trying to keep all of our influences in there. We just wanted to make something we loved and could dance to.

It was an amazing learning experience and we are on a whole new level now, so we can’t wait to put new music out there for our fans! We have so much more to share!

I love the production on your self-titled album….its tight, would you agree with that statement?

100%! We produced most of it ourselves and a few songs with Kill The Noise, he is BRILLZ (brilliant in LA talk)!

With the album out of the way, what’s next for Ultraviolet Sound for the remainder of the year, are you working on new things at the moment, going on tour?

Believe it or not, we have started working on our next record…we wrote/produced our current record over 2 years ago…its definitely time to start getting our feet wet in the studio again! We are in such a new place creatively and spiritually and feel that our new music needs to be heard asap! Plus we always wanna keep it fresh for our fans…and get some new fans!

Now I said earlier that we’re from NZ…..any chance we might see you in the near future coming to our lovely country?

I reeeeeeally hope so! I have always been obsessed with Flight of the Conchords, so I gotta get there soon! 🙂

Would you like to end our interview with some wise words Ultraviolet Sound?

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star!” -Nietzche
AND “Good things come to those who hustle!” -Anais Nin

And with that we thank you Ultraviolet Sound!

THANK YOU NZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

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